The FSA were very happy to announce yesterday that they have put more insider dealers behind bars ( It shows that the automatic recording of phone calls and e-mails works, because the FSA were able to extract such gems as “Any more tips from Annie?” from the 26 million e-mails and 24,000 phone calls.

But is this going on right now in trading organisations around the world? How exactly are compliance and risk officers making sure that they know what people are saying and writing without listening to every call and reading every e-mail? Frankly, they don’t.

The technology does exist to unearth these gems automatically, not just in a Twitter trending style from e-mails and IM, but from voice calls too.

The issue is that we see these technologies in our home lives, but it is rare for companies to have implemented the same ideas in the workplace. Today, a vast amount of our information comes from Google, which is the starting point for almost any question. And yet in all but the most forward thinking organisation, there is no equivalent.

Obviously everyone need JumpTo!

Author: Nigel

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