We’re hiring! (See job spec here) Lucky us in this economic climate…

But who do we recruit? We have a very talented team of people who have worked on the compliance project for a long time, and who understand exactly how we do what we do. While we put a lot of research into products, we also perform a lot of experimentation to see what works and what doesn’t. The “nice try” cupboard is pretty much full to bursting.

For the first time, I am looking at recruiting a specialist rather than a good generalist, and it’s proving harder than I thought. We know a lot of what we need to know, but as we start to really scale up our efforts for larger clients, we are moving more and more towards the cutting edge of voice recognition technology. peering at the possibility of GPU-powered ASR, and now at ASLT (pronounced “Assault”), which is Automated Self-Learning Technology: A speech recognition engine that left to its own devices becomes better and better.

Who do we need for this? At the moment, I think am pinning my hopes on some brilliant person who has just fallen out of the lab (academic or commercial, who will take us from being very good to being brilliant. But the more I go down the road, maybe what I need is another really good generalist who can take the techniques and technologies and make them their own.

Do you know someone? Get them to send me their CV’s, please.

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