salesman_webI had intended to write a long post about how people should take time out every day to look at their job/business to see how they could do things better and smarter.  I was prompted when I heard about some of the truly massive sums some organisations are spending listening to phone calls at the moment.  Rather than spending another year, and another £xx million, buy my system, I thought, and save yourself time and money.

“But we’re too busy on the project, ” is the usual reply.

Part of my job is taking time out every day to see how we can attack new markets, do things in a better way, or promote our services in a smarter fashion:  And the result of that thinking was to get this cartoon drawn up, which I think expresses my frustration much better than a long article ever could (If you’re interested in the where the idea comes from, Google Gatling Gun Salesman Cartoon and look at Images)


Author: Nigel

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