Castel Detect™, Castel’s call monitoring software, is successfully monitoring 15 million hours of telephone calls every year using its proprietary on-premise solution. Today it is announcing the availability of the same rich functionality as a cloud-based offering. Powered by Intelligent Voice®, Castel Detect™ delivers fast and accurate word and phrase detection for customer/agent conversation monitoring […]

Alexa, what’s my bank balance? The 2018 state of voice. All of a sudden voice assistants are everywhere. In our phones, cars, TVs, microwaves and refrigerators. If you don’t have at least one Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod in your house at this point you might be in the minority: voice assistants have […]

Intelligent Voice’s Privacy Preserving Speech Processing (PPSP) a system and method for preserving the privacy of data while processing the data in a Cloud has been granted Patent Status with effect from 7th February 2018. Cloud Services provide an inexpensive platform for storage and computation of data; however, the Cloud is a public infrastructure and […]

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