Castel Detect™, Castel’s call monitoring software, is successfully monitoring 15 million hours of telephone calls every year using its proprietary on-premise solution. Today it is announcing the availability of the same rich functionality as a cloud-based offering.

Powered by Intelligent Voice®, Castel Detect™ delivers fast and accurate word and phrase detection for customer/agent conversation monitoring across a wide variety of industries. Telephone call compliance and monitoring is becoming increasingly important across a wide range of industries, from call centres to law enforcement and prisons.

Intelligent Voice’s speech recognition engine based around NVIDIA® GPU technology, leverages the massively parallel world of CUDA programming to give blisteringly fast ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) across large data sets.

Our continued partnership with Castel, dedicated to deliver best in-class speech analytics capabilities to contact centres across the world has gone from strength to strength with Castel’s agents, using Intelligent Voice’s powerful GPU powered software, taking over 240000 monitored calls each day on premise. It made sense to enable the same speed and accuracy running in the cloud.
Nigel Cannings, CTO Intelligent Voice

Cloud services, being well known as an inexpensive alternative to on-premise, opens the opportunities and capabilities to additional customers that otherwise may not have the infrastructure to run call monitoring on premise.

About Intelligent Voice®
Intelligent Voice Limited is based in London, San Francisco and New York. The company has over 25 years’ experience of delivering mission critical systems in the financial services industry, including to several of the world’s top 20 insurers and banks. Through innovations such as the SmartTranscript® and GPU-accelerated speech recognition, Intelligent Voice allow companies to understand their businesses better, with a key focus on unlocking the value in telephone and meeting room audio. For further information about Intelligent Voice, please visit

About Castel:
Founded in 1982, Castel designs call center software, services and solutions engineered for businesses. Castel listens, learns, plans and partners with companies to define and realize their future. For more information, news and perspectives from Castel, please visit Castel Newsroom at

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