One of the big factors holding back the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in technology in sensitive fields is it lacks “explainability”. Many people find relying on “black box ” technology too risky to make potential life and death decisions. This is operated across many verticals including Government, Financial and Healthcare where we are increasingly using advance machine learning algorithms to provide diagnosis that cannot be seen by humans.


GPU Accelerated Speech Processing

Intelligent Voice® is the world leader in the provision of GPU accelerated speech recognition, having first released GPU power in 2014, and is now established across the globe processing tens of millions of hours of audio every year across a wide variety of verticals including Government, Financial, Healthcare and Prisons. What is less known is that Intelligent Voice has a leading machine learning practise that assists its customers in building new processes for their businesses using AI. This started with pioneering work with the use of spectrograms to produce more accurate speech recognition (For an example have a look back on Nigel Cannings talk at GTC 2016 on Deep Convolution Neural Networks – ) and has now widened out to provide assistance to companies such as call centres and insurers.




The advent of GDPR in Europe highlighted one critical problem with the use of AI for decision making; you can no longer use “computer says no” as a reason for automated decision making e.g. declining insurance. GDPR is beginning to force us towards a doctrine of “explainability” how the computer reached the decision that it made.

Anyone familiar with machine learning technology knows two things:

One – under the right circumstances it is easy to spoof, see below examples:

Two – that it is extremely difficult to provide an explanation of how a decision has been reached.


“Human in the Loop”


One of the themes we will be exploring at GTC DC this year is how to build networks that are able to provide a path through their decision making to allow you as recipient of intelligence, the ability to double check and potentially cross correlate the intelligence you have been given.  We see AI as the beginning of a revolution that enables humans to make significantly more decisions across a wider range of data, significantly more quickly; “human in the loop” is a vital step in the final decision making of many sensitive organisations. We have all heard tales of how AI will take us to a world of SkyNet; whilst that may be the stuff of sci fi, in reality we still want to understand how machines work.



Join Intelligent Voice’s Nigel Cannings on Tuesday 23rd October in the Monroe suite for his talk “How Artificial is Your Intelligence?”

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