Only this time with something more palatable than a musket!  

Intelligent Voice (“IV”) is back for its 3rd Relativity Fest, with more to offer than ever before: 

20 hours of IV free on RelativityOne 

You can have the IV app (see below) pre-installed into your RelOne instance, and receive free training and a free 20 hours of transcription.  After that you only get billed for the hours you transcribe, with up to 4 retries free of charge, to let you test different models.  You can use the IV secure SaaS backend for processing, or connect your own IV instance. 

New and improved Relativity/RelativityOne app 

We have listened to your feedback and made a whole host of improvements to the Relativity app.  Below are some of the key features to allow you review your audio more quickly and effectively than ever before. 

Language Modelling: Use text that you have already loaded into Relativity to help train your model to understand your case better, or just upload new text or phrases to help the system improve its transcription. 

22 languages and dialects:  Choose from a range of languages, from English to Mandarin and a whole host in between. 

“Fusion” processing: Run multiple models at the same time to improve single language accuracy or to perform automatic language detection.

Redaction: Redact text and audio direct in your Relativity interface using simple word highlighting. 

“Lattice” search:  Research has shown that introducing word alternatives generated by a speech recognition engine into a search can boost retrieval by 30-60% without dramatically increasing false positives.  Get the benefits of phonetic search retrieval without the downsides. 

Alternatives viewer:  All search matches for alternative words are highlighted in the UI, and as an additional option, you can dynamically review alternatives in the karaoke playback.


Compliance Monitoring with Trace 

It almost seems a shame to make this the last point, as we have been working hard with the Trace team this year to improve the Trace product, working closely with our flagship client to bring the power of Relativity to bear on the tricky area of Trader and other telephony surveillance.   

IV brings the power of its GPU-accelerated speech technology and expertise to connect voice platforms such as Verint and Cloud9 to Relativity Trace, producing highly useful output to feed into Trace’s alerting capabilities.  IV’s review tool then allows the user to quickly decide whether an audio files is relevant or not for further investigation. 

For a demo on any of the above, visit us on our stand, or for quicker assistance, contact us 

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