Accurately transcribing voice data into valuable insights at scale within secure environments, including CDS’ US government FedRAMP environment. Intelligent Voice Limited, a leading specialist in voice and analysis solutions, is delighted to announce its new partnership with leading eDiscovery specialists, Complete Discovery Source (CDS). CDS was the first dedicated eDiscovery company to earn US government […]

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is getting tough on recording workers when they are working from home.  The Covid-19 pandemic has radically disrupted work environments around the world. Many companies have been required to make the abrupt shift to work from home. Technology is supporting and enabling companies to adjust to the new remote working way of life, which in some cases maybe long […]

When income levels fall, as they tend to do in recession times, fraud levels invariably go up. Public sector call centres are a target for fraudsters, as is every organisation that handles money. According to National Crime Agency figures, fraud costs the UK public sector £40 billion a year. Fraud executed via contact centres has […]

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