Gamification of the workplace has been an area of serious consideration for the last decade. As technology has evolved, the potential of applying game design, technology and techniques to non-game environments, including business settings, has grown. Not just as a means of incentivising teams, but of simplifying and streamlining processes, aiding workers and enhancing productivity.  […]

A few years ago, long before anyone thought about lockdowns, I had an idea for an Augmented Reality (“AR”) meeting room which could be driven entirely by voice, so that people did not need to be tethered to a camera for meetings, but could still be “present”, with an avatar that actually reacted based on […]

The use of chatbots has become increasingly common during the pandemic These automated chat services are usually accessed on company websites They use artificial intelligence to read messages and work out what people want  Hi Rosie, I can see you’re thinking of leaving us,’ a customer services adviser called Ann wrote via the live chat […]

Undetected fraud is responsible for generating between £4.6 billion and £10.4 billion of hard losses for the insurance industry every year. Despite the fact that numerous fraud detection measures have been implemented over the years – from operative questioning techniques to case reviews and private investigators – in 2019, the average value of a fraudulent […]

Ongoing investment suggests that the perception amongst insurance professionals is yes. According to a 2021 survey, approximately 31% of insurance CIOs reported that they had already deployed AI and an additional 23% will deploy in the next 12 months. Focussing on Fraud and a recent survey by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud showed that 21% […]

Sadly, it has become the norm to expect and accept offensive behaviour online. Whether we receive this abuse directly or watch others become targets. 47% of internet users have experienced online harassment or abuse. The faceless communities mean that people can hide behind an online profile and therefore not face the repercussions they would in real life. But who’s […]

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