Gamification of the workplace has been an area of serious consideration for the last decade. As technology has evolved, the potential of applying game design, technology and techniques to non-game environments, including business settings, has grown. Not just as a means of incentivising teams, but of simplifying and streamlining processes, aiding workers and enhancing productivity. 

In some verticals, we have already seen a strong move towards the use of augmented reality (AR). In warehouses, AR allows for faster stock location. And throughout the pandemic, Amazon has used AR to help its employees maintain social distancing. It also allows for simpler repairs and maintenance across sectors, as AR can provide detailed step-by-step instructions, as well as warnings of unusual failure states that the person doing the repair might be unfamiliar with.

But to date, there has been little movement to take AR/VR (virtual reality) out of industry and into the office. The new working practices necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic, however, have presented a number of opportunities. Not just for the management of a remote workforce, but with the potential to change working practices for good.

What shape could the gamification of the office environment take?

Some applications of AR and VR are reasonably obvious: But it has potential to stretch across a wide range of functions.

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