Accurately detecting deception has been studied extensively in various sub-fields related to psychology and law enforcement, where it takes years to master the skills. To date, this skill set is primarily reserved for interrogation in law enforcement. However, the ability to detect such suspicious behavior is highly sought-after in financial and legal services. Such organizations […]

It is probably obvious to most people that certain personal information should be tightly protected — especially bank details, health records, and passwords. The motivation might be to protect us from criminal activity, embarrassment, or just because it is not anyone else’s business. Users should care about data privacy — and the tech industry should […]

Ten years ago, the most exciting thing about speech technology was the ability to dictate text without the need of a secretary to transcribe it. But even then, the results could be varied. You undertook the task fully aware that you’d spend as much time proofing and editing as if you’d just typed the document […]

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