Speech technology company Intelligent Voice is looking to bring speech diagnostics into mental health care. Health Tech World heard from its CEO about the technology and how speech processing could be a valuable tool for supporting mental health diagnosis

The UK-based firm works with a range of organisations, in particular those that deal with sensitive information, including banks, the police and insurance companies. The technology can transcribe conversations and offer insight into what is being said.

Around 18 months ago, Nigel Cannings, CEO of Intelligent Voice, had a conversation with a call centre about issues it was having with burnout. At that moment, he realised that the technology they had developed could make a significant difference to people’s lives and their mental health.

“It was one of those lightbulb moments. It dawned on me that we were sitting on something here,” Canning told Health Tech World.

“Mental health is one of the more difficult things to diagnose and detect. There are different traits that people adopt [including] a change in [their] language.

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