Things have been moving fast here at IV to bring key improvements to our customers, particularly in the Capital Markets space. There are two key areas that our clients focus on:  Training the system to deal with their complicated language needs, and identifying which language their users are speaking. V5.2 brings access to more of […]

After more than 18 months of home-working and constant video calls, many of us are fed up with using Zoom, Teams and Google Meet to stay in touch with colleagues. In fact, some companies are introducing “Zoom-free days” and “no meeting Fridays” to cut down on the number of video meetings workers find themselves in. […]

Regtech has developed at an increased rate in recent years to keep up with the ever growing number of regulations that have been implemented. However, one technology that has been woefully underused in the financial industry, including in the regtech space, is voice tech.  Nigel Cannings is the CTO at Intelligent Voice. Designed to take telephone calls, email, […]

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