After more than 18 months of home-working and constant video calls, many of us are fed up with using Zoom, Teams and Google Meet to stay in touch with colleagues. In fact, some companies are introducing “Zoom-free days” and “no meeting Fridays” to cut down on the number of video meetings workers find themselves in.

But now, there is an alternative way to conduct meetings among remote workers. In August, Facebook (FB) announced the launch of the open beta version of Horizon Workrooms — a tool that will allow team members to collaborate in a virtual office or meeting room.

Instead of seeing faces on video, Workrooms is a new virtual reality platform that allows up to 16 people to participate in meetings as digital avatars. Facebook is offering the app as a free download for its Oculus Quest 2 users, who will be able to access functions including a virtual whiteboard, hand tracking, remote desktop streaming, video conferencing integration and spatial audio.

According to Facebook, platforms like Workrooms will form the foundation of a “metaverse” in which the physical and digital worlds are combined. But with workers already facing burnout from too many video calls, do we really need yet another way to collaborate remotely?

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