Speech Recognition and AI are cementing their place in anti-fraud intelligence for the insurance industry, providing new opportunities for comprehensive, rapid, and effective detection of fraudulent action and intent. According to a 2021 survey, AI has already been deployed by 31% of insurance CIOs, with 23% reporting the intent to also deploy this technology in […]

The integration of voice AI into marketing and customer service holds the potential to provide businesses with more comprehensive customer profiling, improved data collection, and better data analysis. However, there is an apprehension felt amongst both customers and businesses concerning the expanded implementation of recording software, despite the potential benefits to both parties. It is […]

Speech recognition and AI provide innovative methods for businesses to significantly develop and improve their fraud detection systems. With the technology and techniques used by fraudsters rapidly changing, AI can evolve and adapt to provide more comprehensive protection, assisted by the use of machine learning. The acceptance of AI as a crucial asset to fraud detection and […]

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