Intelligent Voice has partnered with Relativity’s Justice For Change program, providing its voice technology for free to the organizations fighting for justice to make sense of audio from body-worn video, emergency calls, interview and interrogation recordings, and prison phone calls. The patented Intelligent Voice proprietary algorithm deployed within RelativityOne provides a navigable summary of  things said […]

Nigel Cannings, CTO of Intelligent Voice “I think there are four major areas on how we can help manage data privacy in 2022. The first of these is with Edge Computing. A lot of processing that could only be done in the cloud can now be done locally and on-device. Image and speech processing are […]

What’s better than exciting technology chat with interesting people? Join Nigel and industry guests each episode as they talk all things tech, AI and voice technology. Diving into controversial tech topics and commenting on major news in the tech industry. Join us for a chat. In this episode Nigel Cannings, CTO of Intelligent Voice and […]

Sentiment In addition to the English sentiment pack, IV is pleased to announce the GA release of the following languages: – Spanish– French– German– Mandarin– Dutch– Arabic– Norwegian Identifying the cause of customer behaviour across multiple regions is challenging. Having access to voice analytics that supports the languages in use across all your regions is […]

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