By Marvin Rajwadi, Data Scientist, Intelligent Voice Ltd Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, is a method of determining the emotional tone within text. Sentiment analysis is being widely used by organizations and companies to categorize and identify customer feedback about a service or a product, this gives the unstructured data structure and insight […]

The ‘black box’ needs to be less opaque so customers know that they are being treated fairly whether they interact with a person or a machine. The application of artificial intelligence is providing businesses with opportunities to improve sales and customer interaction, especially through voice analysis. However, this new technology is raising questions concerning customer […]

Voice recording and AI has the potential for comprehensive customer profiling, improved data analysis, and more targeted marketing campaigns. Its capacity to improve the quality of customer interactions and sales makes voice AI a topic that businesses should investigate, albeit with current AI drawbacks in mind. Voice recording and AI systems have been rapidly evolving, […]

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