Sales enablement software has become a “must have” for many businesses. At its core, sales enablement is the process of equipping sales teams with the knowledge and data required for successful sales. Real-time data builds an understanding of how customers interact with the sales teams, and what exactly is generating negative, or positive experiences. Utilising […]

Conversational AI applications are comprised of a hierarchy of deep learning natural language processing (NLP) models and speech technologies. Making these many different components work together to realize robust real-world applications a complex, both in terms of model interaction and computing resource orchestration. Deploying NLP models for processing speech requires end-to-end speech recognition, appropriate segmentation, […]

The latest version of the Online Safety Bill includes new measures to sanction tech bosses, but could cost smaller businesses. The second reading of the government’s Online Safety Bill is expected to take place today. The bill, designed to help keep citizens safe when using online services, has been targeted at social media companies, but […]

Events surrounding racial injustice in the US, and broader discussions on racial equality globally, have greatly impacted us in the UK and the communities in which we live. Intelligent Voice is proud to support Relativity’s vision of a world where social justice and racial equity are strengthened by one’s ability to access the resources necessary […]

Previously only released to users of Intelligent Voice’s market leading transcription service, anyone who needs a media player for Relativity now has access to the Intelligent Voice Player for their audio/video data.  It is now available for untranscribed media of any amount, across the entire Relativity user base including health care, education, greener transport, environmental […]

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