Intelligent Voice is delighted to announce that IG Group, a global leader in online trading and investments, has selected Intelligent Voice’s IV Core and LexiQal software to help monitor customer satisfaction and ensure they are operating to the highest regulatory standards.

Intelligent Voice specialises in high-speed, highly secure speech processing for the financial services industry, allowing near real time monitoring of hundreds or thousands of agents on telephone or video calls.  Traditionally, this technology has been applied to help ensure that international financial regulations (eg KYC, AML, MiFiD II) are adhered to in unstructured communications.  However, there has been a growing realisation that the same technology can help assess customer satisfaction and increase agent performance.

“We chose Intelligent Voice because it is the only system that allows us to simultaneously monitor client calls whilst ensuring we are operating to the highest regulatory standards. This not only ensure that we identify those agents who are performing well but it ensures we can offer our clients the best possible service.”

“A lot of companies promise to boost agent performance and sales, but at the expense of customer satisfaction, and that the rules placed on regulated companies, which can be complex and time-consuming, are properly adhered to. IG has recognised that with IV, they can deal with all of these issues through a single system.”

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