With voice-based communication critical to remote work, Shield strengthens its ability to eliminate siloed electronic communication compliance through leading speech-to-text technology.

 Tel Aviv, Israel – May 12, 2022 – Shield (the Company), the world’s leading Workplace Intelligence platform for compliance teams, today announced it will be boosting its voice surveillance capabilities through a partnership with Intelligent Voice, a leading specialist in voice and audio analysis solutions. As global regulators prioritize data management and archiving across both written and voice communications, Shield, through its partnership with Intelligent Voice, is breaking the inefficient silos between text and voice compliance by taking the complex data and analyzing it via its award-winning AI platform that turns communication compliance into a competitive advantage.

Since hybrid work environments have become the norm across regulated industries there has been an increase in both voice and text-based communication platforms that would not have been considered pre-pandemic. With fraud on the rise, compliance vendors are struggling to provide end-to-end solutions that address accurate transcription, multi-language support, audio quality and more. Shield, however, enhanced through its partnership with Intelligent Voice, which has deep knowledge and experience in financial markets, provides customers with a complete data management and surveillance platform.

“The way we communicate and conduct business is rapidly evolving, so our compliance solutions must evolve as well. Voice communication platforms are becoming more prominent as collaboration tools, causing challenges for those operating in regulated industries,” said Eran Noam, CBO at Shield. “Now, thanks to our partnership with Intelligent Voice, our innovative platform has even more advanced capabilities when it comes to accurately monitor voice data before our algorithms detect context and behaviors with the data to alert compliance teams on instances such as market manipulation and conduct.”

Using a standalone transcription service could have limited value to customers from both an operational and regulatory perspective. Shield, comparatively, can take secure, “smart” transcriptions from Intelligent Voice and apply its AI-powered detection models to analyze the context and alert for potential nefarious behavior, conduct or other issues across multiple languages, dialects, accents, emotions and contextual phrasing.

“Global circumstances and the abrupt shift to work from home means financial firms are less able to effectivity monitor voice communications which could lead to significant compliance risk. We are delighted to combine Intelligent Voice’s optimized voice processing and review capabilities with Shield’s Workplace Intelligence platform, to provide end to end communications monitoring. This helps significantly mitigate risk and drive an efficient surveillance process for some of the largest financial and banking institutions.”  Ben Shellie, CEO at Intelligent Voice.

A complete, end-to-end solution, Shield provides customers with a comprehensive electronic communications platform that addresses compliance and surveillance concerns, regardless of whether employees are communicating through email, text or voice. 

About Shield

Shield is an advanced end-to-end workplace intelligence platform that allows organizations of any size to mitigate risks, escape the dead-end legacy archive, improve operational efficiency, and reduce compliance costs. Shield redefines the way enterprises and financial institutions manage and mitigate communications compliance risks by applying advanced AI, NLP, and visualization capabilities. Shield is specifically built for today’s digital work environment, where organizations face multiple risks, including financial crime, privacy, and misconduct. Learn more: https://www.shieldfc.com/.

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About Intelligent Voice Limited

Intelligent Voice Limited provide secure speech and NLP solutions to regulated and privacy-sensitive industries. Pioneers in GPU-processing of speech, Intelligent Voice (“IV”) takes audio, video and text in up to 25 languages and dialects and rapidly transforms it using transcription, NLP and biometric techniques into a structured, normalized format capable of further processing and indexing. IV’s LexiQal module adds in state-of-the-art AI and NLP techniques to define deeper insights, surfacing sentiment, deception and other key markers to help with sales enablement, fraud and other behavioral use cases. For more information visit www.intelligentvoice.com.

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