An opinion piece by the CTO of Intelligent Voice, a transcription and analytics services firm Fraud brings significant challenges to the financial services industry. Anti-fraud strategies must be comprehensive and effective without disrupting the customer experience, able to detect fraudulent activity before it causes any damage. New and innovative measures must be adopted to stay […]

Fraud is a dominant issue within financial services, providing consistent challenges. Outdated solutions will not answer this issue, instead, businesses must adopt innovative approaches to combat organised fraud directly. The new technology integrating AI and speech recognition facilitates a more adaptable anti-fraud strategy, focusing on early detection with minimal human involvement. Software such as Intelligent […]

Fraud has been a problem faced by financial services since its conception. However, old problems cannot be combated by outdated solutions – innovative approaches are required to beat financial services fraud both in the present and future. New ideas driven by software such as LexiQal integrate voice recognition technology with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. […]

Fraudulent behaviour plagues many industries, particularly in finance-related sectors. Constantly evolving techniques pushed by organised fraud have frequently sidestepped prevention efforts, pushing company fraud prevention strategies to the limit. Businesses must take a fresh, innovative approach, as outdated solutions cannot combat old problems. New ideas and software (driven by companies such as Intelligent Voice) integrated […]

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