In this blog, Roman Shrestha, a researcher at Intelligent Voice, looks at an important, but often overlooked, machine learning challenge: “How to identify different bird songs in the wild?”. An effective, automatic wildlife monitoring system based on bird bioacoustics, which can support the manual classification done by an ornithologist or an expert birder, can be […]

Sales enablement strategy is crucial to effective, targeted customer service. Real-time data can equip sales teams with the necessary knowledge for successful sales, building an improved understanding of how customer service interactions generate different results. AI systems – particularly those backed by speech recognition technology – have the power to accurately inform sales enablement strategy […]

Automation through speech analytics and AI provides the most adaptable and comprehensive anti-fraud cover for insurance companies, allowing them to protect business and customers with minimal impact on customer interactions. Fraudulent activity in the insurance sector is constantly evolving, proving challenging for companies to keep pace with and prevent. Speech recognition and AI technology are […]

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