AI technology – What can SMEs learn from large corporations? – Intelligent

AI is becoming increasingly accessible to larger enterprises and SMEs alike. Nigel Cannings, CTO of Intelligent Voice, tells us how SMEs can harness AI to help their businesses grow and what they can learn from enterprises that have already digitalised their systems. 

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising business. However, due to the misconception that it is unaffordable and out of reach for SMEs, its use remains more concentrated in larger corporations. AI technology has become significantly more accessible and adaptable to a range of businesses – SMEs must capitalise on this transition towards affordability and invest in AI to boost their growth and provide safe, secure and successful customer interactions.  

What does AI technology provide? 

In recent years, AI technology has rapidly evolved, providing benefits such as more efficient data processing, information for sales enablement, improved customer protection and increasingly comprehensive business security.  

More efficient processing of data 

When combined with advanced speech recognition technology, AI can provide far more comprehensive audio and video-based data processing. Previously viewed as challenging to manage, audio data has increased significantly in importance due to the accelerated digitisation prompted by the pandemic. Instead of relying on human resources to analyse audio data, a collaboration between systems – such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) – can process this information, identifying specific speech and language features with increased speed and accuracy. When applied with Machine Learning, this collaborative approach can fuel other essential processes such as sales enablement strategies and anti-fraud measures. 

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