An Intelligent Voice? Podcast Episode 2: Moving from E-comms to All-comms in 2022

What’s better than exciting technology chat with interesting people? Join Nigel and industry guests each episode as they talk all things tech, AI and voice technology. Diving into controversial tech topics and commenting on major news in the tech industry. Join us for a chat.

In this episode Nigel Cannings, CTO of Intelligent Voice and Dr. Michael McGrath, Snr. Director EMEA Compliance & Archiving at Proofpoint discuss changes in the compliance industry. Including changes to capturing all communications including voice, managing the risk and costs and compliance investing for today and tomorrow: Systems, people and data.

An Intelligent Voice? podcast was recorded using Myna. Using the JumpTo Topics functionality means that key topics of your conversation are pulled out and listed. Myna is perfect for transcription, topics & hashtags! View the Myna footage here.  

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