The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is getting tough on recording workers when they are working from home.  The Covid-19 pandemic has radically disrupted work environments around the world. Many companies have been required to make the abrupt shift to work from home. Technology is supporting and enabling companies to adjust to the new remote working way of life, which in some cases maybe long […]

Few business leaders at the start of the pandemic would have thought that video conferencing would be anything more than a temporary solution to a temporary problem. Now, nine months down the line, we are still Zooming in order to hold business meetings. What was at first a safe and novel alternative, is now an […]

Fraud is known to be one of the biggest cost drivers in the insurance industry. Despite various measures being put in place to tackle the problem – medical assessments, CCTV, dedicated fraud prevention analysts – fraud still adds around £50 to the annual insurance bill of every UK policyholder. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automatic speech […]

Intelligent Voice is speech technology company focused on privacy-sensitive clients who deal with audio data that they don’t want to get into the public cloud—the police, prisons, government, legal, insurance and financial services. We deploy cloud-like systems on-premises, in a data centre or in private, customer-controlled, clouds. We have SaaS services, but these are not […]

We’ve all adapted to having meetings in 2D, says Nigel Cannings, but is there a brighter future in VR meetings… If there is one thing that we have all learned from lockdown, it’s that Zoom-type meetings are exhausting. While the theory is the same as your standard team briefing, in practice it leaves you drained. […]

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