36Brains, a corporate intelligence company with offices in Milan and Berlin, offers intelligence and investigation services including forensic investigations, reputational assessments and litigation support.

The company’s CEO has led some of the most delicate and high-profile private intelligence operations of our time and is a pioneer of cyber investigations in the Italian market.

Central to the 36Brains ethos is the disruption of the corporate intelligence and investigation offering through the combination of old-school intelligence work and technological innovation.

In the context of a high-profile humanitarian criminal trial, 36Brains partnered with Intelligent Voice to rapidly identify and exclude tens of thousands of hours of inadmissible covert in-vehicle and offshore recordings.

36Brains also leveraged Intelligent Voice’s unique GPU speech recognition to visualize data across multiple languages simultaneously, ensuring effective review by the team and counsel.

“Due to our highly technological nature, we are always looking for innovative solutions to reduce investigation time as well as improve output and results. The partnership with Intelligent Voice allowed us to transcribe thousands of hours of conversation in different languages at breakneck speed, an amazing feat that demonstrates just one of the capabilities of this new technological trajectory”.

Marianna Vintiadis | Co-Founder & CEO | 36Brains



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