Mr. James Gibson spent over 29 years in maximum security prisons for a crime he did not commit, before an appellant court ruled that he had been tortured into confessing, and falsely convicted.

After Mr. Gibson was exonerated, he retained Andrew M. Stroth and Action Injury Law Group to advance his civil rights lawsuit against a number of officers and the City of Chicago.

When Action received a production of over a thousand of Mr. Gibson’s phone calls whilst incarcerated, in a compressed lossy format and with no dialled number metadata available, Action turned to Intelligent Voice Limited to enable, on a pro bono basis, a rapid reverse-determination of client-attorney privilege from spoken content.

Intelligent Voice Limited’s GPU-accelerated speech to text returned the entire dataset for review the next working day, with an auto-generated executive summary of each recording then enabling the review team to confirm privilege in a matter of seconds for any given call.

“The mission of our law firm is to advance justice for victims of police brutality and torture and Mr. Gibson’s case is one of the most egregious wrongful conviction cases in the United States. An important part of this case was for us to forensically examine phone recordings of Mr. Gibson’s legally-privileged conversations. Fortunately, we learned about the capabilities and services of Intelligent Voice. This London-based firm stepped up and efficiently processed and summarized the entire production, on a pro-bono basis, enabling us to effectively flag any legally privileged calls. It’s clear that our friends and allies at Intelligent Voice have a trans-Atlantic commitment to social and racial justice.”

Andrew M. Stroth | Founder & Managing Partner | Action Injury Law Group


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