HaystackID, the trusted eDiscovery partner for corporations facing complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation, successfully deployed Intelligent Voice’s end-to-end audio discovery processes for one of the largest financial and banking institutions.

Even where a reviewer may have struggled to discern precisely what was being said, and so whether a particular call merited further investigation, techniques and technologies developed by Intelligent Voice enabled an accurate, quick and defensible human assessment of the dialogue.

Despite the age and quality of the audio recordings, the range of accents across a number of different territories, and the terminology sometimes used on the calls, Intelligent Voice’s industry-leading accuracy and retrieval enabled Relativity Conceptual Analytics to be successfully deployed, at scale, for a high volume, high value, multi-jurisdictional matter.

“By partnering with Intelligent Voice, HaystackID can provide a full end-to-end audio discovery process in Relativity. Combining Intelligent Voice’s optimized voice retrieval and accelerated audio review with Relativity’s conceptual analytics and visualization capabilities has enabled HaystackID to deliver successful outcomes for complex, time-sensitive matters for some of the largest financial and banking institutions.”

Hal Brooks | CEO | HaystackID

HaystackID® Partners with Intelligent Voice to Provide a Full End-to-End Audio Discovery Process


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