I thought I’d give this post a fairly descriptive title, just to get the point across. There is some significant FUD that has entered my marketplace recently. A quick bit of background: In certain jurisdictions, call recordings must be maintained for a period of time (6 months in the UK) if they are made under […]

A few weeks ago, I saw an article in the press “Firms could face fines for failing to prevent fraud” (see here). It resurrected an idea that companies, and their directors, could be liable for financial crimes (see LIBOR and others ad nauseam), if they had failed to put in place adequate detection and prevention […]

Widely reported today is the news that law firm Withers has just lost £1.6m ($2.6m) because of a “misremembered” phone call, a call that was not recorded. Remember Guy Hands? He lost billions because he could not prove what was said in three phone calls.  Again, calls that were not recorded. © Liens | Dreamstime […]

The FX probe took a dramatic turn yesterday with the news that the Bank of England suspended an official in relation to the alleged manipulation of FX rates. The misconduct that is alleged (which seems to relate to who knew what when, and who they told) goes back as far as 2006 since when untold […]

Text is the backbone of all litigation support and e-discovery systems. Phone calls, self-evidently, are not available as text unless you provide a transcript to go with the file. You will hear talk of “Phonetic Search” as the work-around for this, at least to help search for phone calls by content. All Out of Context […]

Buoyed by the interest in our Siri poll, we decided to run a survey more relevant to our core market. We believe that with an investment of under $10 per trader per working day, banks and other financial institutions can greatly enhance their monitoring and surveillance capability and therefore reduce the risk of another scandal. […]

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