We’re hiring! (See job spec here) Lucky us in this economic climate… But who do we recruit? We have a very talented team of people who have worked on the compliance project for a long time, and who understand exactly how we do what we do. While we put a lot of research into products, […]

Barclays have had the evidence for years that they were trying to rig LIBOR. But it took two years until someone in Barclays Treasury eventually raised a red flag. Every phone call, every IM, every e-mail at Barclays was recorded for “compliance” purposes. So who the hell was looking at all of this and why […]

The FSA were very happy to announce yesterday that they have put more insider dealers behind bars (http://www.fsa.gov.uk/library/communication/pr/2012/067.shtml). It shows that the automatic recording of phone calls and e-mails works, because the FSA were able to extract such gems as “Any more tips from Annie?” from the 26 million e-mails and 24,000 phone calls. But […]

The Evening Standard asked us for a comment last night on the Goldman Sachs letter. Sadly, I got spiked, but for posterity, here it is: The latest Goldman revelations say as much about the lack of internal monitoring and compliance as it does about the toxic atmosphere in the bank. It’s bad enough that bankers […]

If you want to pick a good day to resign from one of Britain’s most high-profile jobs, it’s probably best to do it when the occupant of one of few more high-profile jobs in the country does the same. Short of waiting until the death of a monarch, Hector Sants probably picked the best possible […]

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