Events surrounding racial injustice in the US, and broader discussions on racial equality globally, have greatly impacted us in the UK and the communities in which we live. Intelligent Voice is proud to support Relativity’s vision of a world where social justice and racial equity are strengthened by one’s ability to access the resources necessary […]

One of the ways we price our software is by the hour – You send me an hour of audio files, I’ll put them into a “JumpTo” format, and then charge you for an hour. Job done. We are selling a lot into the eDiscovery market, and that is dominated by one pricing metric: the […]

Widely reported today is the news that law firm Withers has just lost £1.6m ($2.6m) because of a “misremembered” phone call, a call that was not recorded. Remember Guy Hands? He lost billions because he could not prove what was said in three phone calls.  Again, calls that were not recorded. Seriously, how many times […]

Text is the backbone of all litigation support and e-discovery systems. Phone calls, self-evidently, are not available as text unless you provide a transcript to go with the file. You will hear talk of “Phonetic Search” as the work-around for this, at least to help search for phone calls by content. All Out of Context […]

I’m in New York this week, although not at LegalTech 2014 the showcase of “big” legal technology, which has a real focus on eDiscovery. I did, however, have a peek at the agenda, and the the only hint of voice eDiscovery comes in one late afternoon session hosted by a well-known phonetic search company.  It […]

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