One of the ways we price our software is by the hour – You send me an hour of audio files, I’ll put them into a “JumpTo” format, and then charge you for an hour. Job done. We are selling a lot into the eDiscovery market, and that is dominated by one pricing metric: the […]

Widely reported today is the news that law firm Withers has just lost £1.6m ($2.6m) because of a “misremembered” phone call, a call that was not recorded. Remember Guy Hands? He lost billions because he could not prove what was said in three phone calls.  Again, calls that were not recorded. © Liens | Dreamstime […]

Text is the backbone of all litigation support and e-discovery systems. Phone calls, self-evidently, are not available as text unless you provide a transcript to go with the file. You will hear talk of “Phonetic Search” as the work-around for this, at least to help search for phone calls by content. All Out of Context […]

I’m in New York this week, although not at LegalTech 2014 the showcase of “big” legal technology, which has a real focus on eDiscovery. I did, however, have a peek at the agenda, and the the only hint of voice eDiscovery comes in one late afternoon session hosted by a well-known phonetic search company.  It […]

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