In recent years, the development of deepfake technology has created a new frontier in digital manipulation. Deepfakes are generated through artificial intelligence algorithms that can create realistic audio and video clips of people saying or doing things that they never actually did. While this technology has the potential to be used for creative and entertainment […]

In this blog, Roman Shrestha, a researcher at Intelligent Voice, looks at an important, but often overlooked, machine learning challenge: “How to identify different bird songs in the wild?”. An effective, automatic wildlife monitoring system based on bird bioacoustics, which can support the manual classification done by an ornithologist or an expert birder, can be […]

By Marvin Rajwadi, Data Scientist, Intelligent Voice Ltd Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, is a method of determining the emotional tone within text. Sentiment analysis is being widely used by organizations and companies to categorize and identify customer feedback about a service or a product, this gives the unstructured data structure and insight […]

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