The Intelligent Voice team participated in the latest annual NVidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2016) held in San Jose, California, April 5 to 7. Each year NVidia announce new products and technologies at GTC. This year the focus was on self-driving cars, virtual reality and deep learning. Coinciding with the GTC event, Intelligent Voice released […]

Bye Bye Old Logo! Quite a lot, we think. For years now, we have used the Intelligent Voice branding, but have kept the name of the company as Chase Information Technology Services Limited. With effect from this afternoon, we’ve pushed the button, and changed the name to Intelligent Voice Limited. We are very proud of […]

Last December, we polled 2,000 American consumers to see what they felt about banks, and their ability to prevent another scandal like LIBOR. We found then that only 13% felt that the banks had systems in place to be able to do this. In the wake of the post-FX fixing fines, we thought it would […]

Our new US office is up and running.  We were at 31 Penn Plaza in New York, but we’ve moved our operations to 555 Madison Avenue, to a more modern and spacious office.

We have some really cool new features in v4, which we are rolling out at the moment – One of these is “Audio Redaction” – This allows you to highlight text in our new “Transcript” window, and the system will “bleep” the original file. This means that if you need to disclose a recording for […]

Widely reported today is the news that law firm Withers has just lost £1.6m ($2.6m) because of a “misremembered” phone call, a call that was not recorded. Remember Guy Hands? He lost billions because he could not prove what was said in three phone calls.  Again, calls that were not recorded. © Liens | Dreamstime […]

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