Insurance fraud is on the rise. The tumultuous nature of the last two years means that there are increased opportunities for fraudsters to try and exploit the disruption. Insurance call centres have always been seen as an easy target for fraudsters because of the volume of calls they have to deal with daily, the speed […]

WASHINGTON – November 8, 2021 – HaystackID, a specialized eDiscovery services firm supporting law firms and corporate legal departments, today announced its partnership with Intelligent Voice Limited, a leading specialist in voice and audio analysis solutions. Intelligent Voice provides a full end-to-end audio discovery process in the Relativity surveillance application, with proprietary GPU-based algorithms minimizing any […]

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 14.7% of the UK’s employees have experienced mental health problems in the workplace. It can take the form of stress, depression, anxiety, or dependency, and the impact can be devastating. For businesses, it means lost productivity, disruption, and sickness absence – 12.7% of all UK sickness absences can be […]

Every business needs to take great care when handling data on individuals. The past few years have delivered a whole host of challenges when it comes to secure data management. In this article, we’ll talk about the current most pressing remote working data concerns, how to keep employee data secure in an ever-changing business environment, […]

Things have been moving fast here at IV to bring key improvements to our customers, particularly in the Capital Markets space. There are two key areas that our clients focus on:  Training the system to deal with their complicated language needs, and identifying which language their users are speaking. V5.2 brings access to more of […]

After more than 18 months of home-working and constant video calls, many of us are fed up with using Zoom, Teams and Google Meet to stay in touch with colleagues. In fact, some companies are introducing “Zoom-free days” and “no meeting Fridays” to cut down on the number of video meetings workers find themselves in. […]

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