Alexa, what’s my bank balance? The 2018 state of voice. All of a sudden voice assistants are everywhere. In our phones, cars, TVs, microwaves and refrigerators. If you don’t have at least one Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod in your house at this point you might be in the minority: voice assistants have […]

Intelligent Voice’s Privacy Preserving Speech Processing (PPSP) a system and method for preserving the privacy of data while processing the data in a Cloud has been granted Patent Status with effect from 7th February 2018. Cloud Services provide an inexpensive platform for storage and computation of data; however, the Cloud is a public infrastructure and […]

      Intelligent Voice Signs Strategic Alliance with Navigant   Contact: Jessica Harvey Tel: +44 203 627 2670 Email: Belia Ortega, Navigant Consulting, Inc. 312.583.2640 London, 23rd October 2017 – Intelligent Voice, a leading specialist in voice and analysis solutions, is delighted to announce its new strategic alliance with top global professional […]

Last December, we polled 2,000 American consumers to see what they felt about banks, and their ability to prevent another scandal like LIBOR. We found then that only 13% felt that the banks had systems in place to be able to do this. In the wake of the post-FX fixing fines, we thought it would […]

Buoyed by the interest in our Siri poll, we decided to run a survey more relevant to our core market. We believe that with an investment of under $10 per trader per working day, banks and other financial institutions can greatly enhance their monitoring and surveillance capability and therefore reduce the risk of another scandal. […]

Following our recent post on the dangers of overselling the capabilities of voice recognition software (see here), we commissioned a poll of over 2,000 Americans to see whether they had used Siri in iOS7, what they thought of Siri’s capabilities, and whether they had been “oversold” by Apple. The results were a little shocking.  Once […]

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