Last December, we polled 2,000 American consumers to see what they felt about banks, and their ability to prevent another scandal like LIBOR. We found then that only 13% felt that the banks had systems in place to be able to do this. In the wake of the post-FX fixing fines, we thought it would […]

We have some really cool new features in v4, which we are rolling out at the moment – One of these is “Audio Redaction” – This allows you to highlight text in our new “Transcript” window, and the system will “bleep” the original file. This means that if you need to disclose a recording for […]

Buoyed by the interest in our Siri poll, we decided to run a survey more relevant to our core market. We believe that with an investment of under $10 per trader per working day, banks and other financial institutions can greatly enhance their monitoring and surveillance capability and therefore reduce the risk of another scandal. […]

Following our recent post on the dangers of overselling the capabilities of voice recognition software (see here), we commissioned a poll of over 2,000 Americans to see whether they had used Siri in iOS7, what they thought of Siri’s capabilities, and whether they had been “oversold” by Apple. The results were a little shocking.  Once […]

Many thanks to the UK Government for having the faith to help us pursue some of the more exotic ends of speech research! It’s coming home, speech analysis is coming home… Sounded better during the World Cup Press release is here

I’ve blogged about this elsewhere (, and it’s also the subject of our latest press release (, but with Romney out, Dodd-Frank is going to hit like a whirlwind. While it is going to have all sorts of unpleasant effects for compliance and legal officers, the growing need to record telephone calls (and of course […]

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