Intelligent Voice, a global leader in the development of proactive compliance and technology solutions for voice, video and other media has announced that it’s LexiQal solution has been listed in the Gartner Competitive Landscape: Emotion AI Technologies, Worldwide report of November 2020, in the category of Audio-based speech analysis, NLP-based phonetic analysis. “Despite 2020 being […]

A lot goes on in any business meeting from sharing opinions to brainstorming solutions, sharing tasks, asking questions and so on. To be able to take away what is needed from a meeting, keeping notes is not only advisable but professional. But writing those notes takes you away from the meeting, and anyway, even the […]

Last week Intelligent Voice were the proud winners of the 15th annual ADS Innovation award at the Home Office annual Security and Policing event in Farnborough. Despite many events being cancelled due to fears of COVID-19, the world of security and policing were out in force at this annual event The award finalists were […]

IV are delighted to have met with rigorous international standards for quality management systems. Intelligent Voice worked with QSL on achieving their certification earlier this year.  QSL, experts in all things ISO had this to say: Intelligent Voice recognises that it has a responsibility to safeguard information relating to its clients which include government agencies, […]

Voice is one of the hottest, buzziest and most over-hyped technologies in an arena already stuffed with over-hyped technologies.  We all want to Alexa power our fridge, although none of us is exactly sure why.  In fact, music streaming and getting news and weather are the most popular uses for home voice assistants.  To paraphrase […]

We all love Alexa!  And Google Home!  Less so Siri, but it can come in handy.  Let’s face it, the world has fallen in love with voice powered everything.  You can Alexa-enable your microwave, kettle and refrigerator.  Who knows what’s next?  An Alexa-powered tank? And this is where you should recoil in horror.  I used to […]

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