One of the things that has troubled me almost from day one is how do you leave an appliance in-situ, but make it smarter with the minimum of intervention? Voice recognition needs tweaking in any circumstance.  You have to adjust for background conditions, different types of speakers, different communications channels (perhaps one call is mobile […]

We’re hiring! (See job spec here) Lucky us in this economic climate… But who do we recruit? We have a very talented team of people who have worked on the compliance project for a long time, and who understand exactly how we do what we do. While we put a lot of research into products, […]

I have just been searching for the Barclays explanation into the LIBOR events that is referenced on the BBC news site – Bizarrely it isn’t there any more, so by the magic of Google cache, I found a copy, which can be found now at UPDATE:  Now found in a new location on […]

Barclays have had the evidence for years that they were trying to rig LIBOR. But it took two years until someone in Barclays Treasury eventually raised a red flag. Every phone call, every IM, every e-mail at Barclays was recorded for “compliance” purposes. So who the hell was looking at all of this and why […]

The FSA were very happy to announce yesterday that they have put more insider dealers behind bars ( It shows that the automatic recording of phone calls and e-mails works, because the FSA were able to extract such gems as “Any more tips from Annie?” from the 26 million e-mails and 24,000 phone calls. But […]

Due to our recent expansion, we have rather outgrown our offices on one side of the Minories, so have migrated to the opposite side on the second floor of St Clare’s House.

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