Nice to see Ben took the time to watch Mary Portas again last night, while giving his forthright insights on disaster recovery to ChannelWeb (registration required)

Ben blogs about last night’s Mary Portas show over at BusinessZone

Our altogether less boring Budget Quick Reference can be found here Click on a bookmark to be taken straight to the relevant part of the speech, or search (eg tax avoidance), and see if the system has identified something of relevance

It’s hard to believe that there is nothing that hasn’t already been leaked from the Budget already (and it’s hard to believe that anything has been leaked. Mr Speaker gets very upset about that sort of thing). However, if there are a few things that George has kept in his briefcase, I’m looking for: 1. […]

The Evening Standard asked us for a comment last night on the Goldman Sachs letter. Sadly, I got spiked, but for posterity, here it is: The latest Goldman revelations say as much about the lack of internal monitoring and compliance as it does about the toxic atmosphere in the bank. It’s bad enough that bankers […]

If you want to pick a good day to resign from one of Britain’s most high-profile jobs, it’s probably best to do it when the occupant of one of few more high-profile jobs in the country does the same. Short of waiting until the death of a monarch, Hector Sants probably picked the best possible […]

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