Voice is one of the hottest, buzziest and most over-hyped technologies in an arena already stuffed with over-hyped technologies.  We all want to Alexa power our fridge, although none of us is exactly sure why.  In fact, music streaming and getting news and weather are the most popular uses for home voice assistants.  To paraphrase […]

We all love Alexa!  And Google Home!  Less so Siri, but it can come in handy.  Let’s face it, the world has fallen in love with voice powered everything.  You can Alexa-enable your microwave, kettle and refrigerator.  Who knows what’s next?  An Alexa-powered tank? And this is where you should recoil in horror.  I used to […]

CHICAGO, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Relativity, the global legal technology company headquartered in Chicago, today announced a new developer partner trial application program designed to further highlight the extensibility of the RelativityOne SaaS platform. Available to new and current RelativityOne customers, the new trial program allows users to deploy and use select RelativityOne-integrated apps in a free-trial format. […]

London, 21st October 2019 – Intelligent Voice are delighted to announce their partnership with ZyLAB to integrate speech review into ZyLAB’s eDiscovery platform. IV’s solution is already successfully helping law firms and government agencies around the world to ingest, transcribe, analyse and review vast amounts of audio, in a secure environment, freeing up valuable lawyer time and cutting […]

Only this time with something more palatable than a musket! Intelligent Voice (“IV”) is back for its 3rd Relativity Fest, with more to offer than ever before: 20 hours of IV free on RelativityOne You can have the IV app (see below) pre-installed into your RelOne instance, and receive free training and a free 20 hours of transcription.  After that you only get […]

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