We are delighted to celebrate our deepening partnership with HPE by exhibiting with them simultaneously in both Las Vegas and Frankfurt. We are showcasing some of the advanced AI techniques we use to analyse voice, identify people and do deep analytics on audio data. Together with HPE we have helped Financial Service Institutions, Government, Law […]

London, 7th June 2019 – In a world where 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, the scope for litigation involving audio and video files increases all the time.  Be it from insurance companies, healthcare providers, banks or just users’ desktops, video and audio can appear in any legal case, and it […]

Find the PR Newswire Release here       Chicago, December 3rd, 2018 – Compliance monitoring has become a hot topic in artificial intelligence (AI) in 2018. This has led a number of banks to explore how new technology can help reduce fraud, money laundering, and insider trading amongst other regulatory infractions. ING Bank started […]

Is Speech Recognition just OCR for Voice?  I don’t think so… In 2015, I put up a slide at a Financial Services technology conference saying “2015 is the Year of Voice”, citing examples like Siri and the massive fines then being handed out for rogue trading as reasons why the technology was being taken seriously.  […]

Intelligent Voice® – IV Connect™ for Relativity Trace   London, 8th November 2018 Relativity this week announced the launch of Relativity Trace, a new application built on the Relativity platform that  provides businesses with the tools to proactively monitor internal communications and flag the highest-risk content for further review. Trace can automatically ingest all forms of […]

One of the big factors holding back the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in technology in sensitive fields is it lacks “explainability”. Many people find relying on “black box ” technology too risky to make potential life and death decisions. This is operated across many verticals including Government, Financial and Healthcare where we are increasingly using […]

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