Once more unto the (data) breach by Dr Cornelius Glackin   1 in 4 companies will experience a data breach in the next 12 months according to the Ponemon[1] Institute’s “2017 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Overview”. The perception is that the vast majority of data breaches involve on-premise infrastructure. As such, many companies […]

These days, no-one wants to pay for anything:  free email, free search, free storage, free social media, free everything. But let’s face it, it’s costing someone, somewhere. I got thinking more about this after a chance remark from someone who visited us at the AI Finance Summit this week in Zurich (https://theaisummit.com/finance/).  He said that […]

No cloud server or messaging system is completely secure: Just ask Hillary Clinton. Even though these systems are protected with layers of security, these layers can be hacked. Brute force attacks can crack passwords. MITM attacks using tools like sslstrip can turn secure sessions into insecure HTTP sessions. And outright manipulation of human confidence can […]

We all have a nagging sense of worry about letting our personal data roam free in the cloud.  Can we trust the people who hold it not to misuse it? It seems that in fact very few people feel comfortable about it:  We asked 1,500 Americans over the Thanksgiving weekend whether they trusted the “Big […]

We have done a lot of work recently on porting the IV system to run on small embedded devices, specifically those that will be used in self-driving cars. I have a particular issue with the way the industry has been looking at the implementation of self-driving capabilities, particularly the reliance on the “cloud”. A lot […]

While we are known for our voice capabilities, we also process text in exactly the same way, teasing out interesting topics, just as we have since our Twitter trending days. So, we put the Chilcot Report through the system, and at the very top of the Topic Map?  Corruption Perceptions Index and Transparency International. Just […]

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