Now is the time to consider recording all of your calls, and have a transcript sent direct to your email. Our new product IVNOTE lets you do just that. We developed it to replaces the traditional lawyer’s Attendance Note (see but anyone in any industry can benefit

I thought I’d give this post a fairly descriptive title, just to get the point across. There is some significant FUD that has entered my marketplace recently. A quick bit of background: In certain jurisdictions, call recordings must be maintained for a period of time (6 months in the UK) if they are made under […]

One of the ways we price our software is by the hour – You send me an hour of audio files, I’ll put them into a “JumpTo” format, and then charge you for an hour. Job done. We are selling a lot into the eDiscovery market, and that is dominated by one pricing metric: the […]

I am a terrible note taker – My handwriting is appalling, and while I can type pretty fast, I find it very difficult to look people in the eye at the same time – And when I am on the phone, trying to tuck the headset under my chin and type is near impossible (and […]

I had intended to write a long post about how people should take time out every day to look at their job/business to see how they could do things better and smarter.  I was prompted when I heard about some of the truly massive sums some organisations are spending listening to phone calls at the […]

Forget Snowden and data tapping.  It’s been an open secret for a long time that intelligence agencies hoover up all sorts of data and analyse it.  The “Echelon” programme has been doing that since the 60’s. Instead, the data wars have opened up on a new front:  Extra-territorial data grabbing from foreign data centres, but […]

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