A few weeks ago, I saw an article in the press “Firms could face fines for failing to prevent fraud” (see here). It resurrected an idea that companies, and their directors, could be liable for financial crimes (see LIBOR and others ad nauseam), if they had failed to put in place adequate detection and prevention […]

Our new US office is up and running.  We were at 31 Penn Plaza in New York, but we’ve moved our operations to 555 Madison Avenue, to a more modern and spacious office.

We use selected recordings from our office phone system to improve our Intelligent Voice product. We are able to identify the caller based using our speaker detection (biometrics).  We’re currently developing this to deal with certain types of vocal anomaly such as people deliberately obscuring their voices. To assist with this, we’d like people to […]

Dear Mr Carney, Who exactly is guarding the guards? Tonight, it is expected that you will be announcing an “end to silos” in the Bank, streamlining information flow, and dismantling empires. What a lofty ambition. What a recipe for disaster. It is a well trodden route. New CEO calls in a large management consultancy who […]

The FX probe took a dramatic turn yesterday with the news that the Bank of England suspended an official in relation to the alleged manipulation of FX rates. The misconduct that is alleged (which seems to relate to who knew what when, and who they told) goes back as far as 2006 since when untold […]

Text is the backbone of all litigation support and e-discovery systems. Phone calls, self-evidently, are not available as text unless you provide a transcript to go with the file. You will hear talk of “Phonetic Search” as the work-around for this, at least to help search for phone calls by content. All Out of Context […]

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