Are you a CEO of a big bank?  I bet you are having nightmares and a regular change of underwear just now. The days are now gone where as a Chief Executive or board member you can fall on your sword, and hopefully walk away with a reasonable pile of cash to fund a quiet […]

Many thanks to the UK Government for having the faith to help us pursue some of the more exotic ends of speech research! It’s coming home, speech analysis is coming home… Sounded better during the World Cup Press release is here

I’m delighted to say that we’ve gone live at Knight Capital, who are using JumpTo in anger. They can track, search and trap phone, email and IM conversations across a whole user base. There’s a lot of people talking a good game on these “holistic” systems at the moment. Well we’re doing it

Stories in the press about “lurid” e-mails that threaten to bring down the world’s financial community seem to occur almost as often as stories about another Greek bailout. These stories demonstrate to me two things: 1. Companies have a lot of the information they need to sniff out wrongdoing 2. They are not analysing that […]

Is it a co-incidence that HP decided to put the boot in to the British software industry just before Thanksgiving? They couldn’t do it for the 4th July (no earnings call until August), so timing it around giving thanks for surviving a year away from the UK is almost as good. I’ve worked for several […]

I’ve blogged about this elsewhere (, and it’s also the subject of our latest press release (, but with Romney out, Dodd-Frank is going to hit like a whirlwind. While it is going to have all sorts of unpleasant effects for compliance and legal officers, the growing need to record telephone calls (and of course […]

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