Conversational AI applications are comprised of a hierarchy of deep learning natural language processing (NLP) models and speech technologies. Making these many different components work together to realize robust real-world applications a complex, both in terms of model interaction and computing resource orchestration. Deploying NLP models for processing speech requires end-to-end speech recognition, appropriate segmentation, […]

By Marvin Rajwadi, Data Scientist, Intelligent Voice Ltd Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, is a method of determining the emotional tone within text. Sentiment analysis is being widely used by organizations and companies to categorize and identify customer feedback about a service or a product, this gives the unstructured data structure and insight […]

Frontline workers have been at the forefront of the UK’s response to the crisis that has unfolded over the last year. Their extraordinary efforts have pushed them beyond what any reasonable person should have to deal with daily. This immense and unprecedented pressure is putting their physical, mental and social well-being at risk, and yet […]

Sadly, it has become the norm to expect and accept offensive behaviour online. Whether we receive this abuse directly or watch others become targets. 47% of internet users have experienced online harassment or abuse. The faceless communities mean that people can hide behind an online profile and therefore not face the repercussions they would in real life. But who’s […]

When income levels fall, as they tend to do in recession times, fraud levels invariably go up. Public sector call centres are a target for fraudsters, as is every organisation that handles money. According to National Crime Agency figures, fraud costs the UK public sector £40 billion a year. Fraud executed via contact centres has […]

Alexa, what’s my bank balance? The 2018 state of voice. All of a sudden voice assistants are everywhere. In our phones, cars, TVs, microwaves and refrigerators. If you don’t have at least one Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod in your house at this point you might be in the minority: voice assistants have […]

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