Look around any office in most large companies. If you spontaneously detonated all of the Apple-manufactured computing equipment in a 100 yard radius, there is little chance of any damage being done. Loosen your definition to include smartphones, and maybe you will hear a few pops, although it’s probably a personal iPhone while the company […]

Stories in the press about “lurid” e-mails that threaten to bring down the world’s financial community seem to occur almost as often as stories about another Greek bailout. These stories demonstrate to me two things: 1. Companies have a lot of the information they need to sniff out wrongdoing 2. They are not analysing that […]

One of the things that has troubled me almost from day one is how do you leave an appliance in-situ, but make it smarter with the minimum of intervention? Voice recognition needs tweaking in any circumstance.  You have to adjust for background conditions, different types of speakers, different communications channels (perhaps one call is mobile […]

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