The IV approach to eComms surveillance

No Vendor Tie in

We love working with our partner community to give you the best possible capture and review experience. IV can connect to a wide variety of call recording platforms and telephone switches, and push data into virtually any review platform either through custom connectors for a rich viewer experience or using standard formats such as email or text, or our unique SmartTranscript. We  don’t mandate you buy a particular recorder or review platform to get hold of IV!

Privacy Built In

Our team come from the legal and financial services industry, so we built IV to run in any sort of secure environment, be it a standalone server on the edge, in you data centre, or in your own private cloud. It’s your data, so you should control it, and not worry about any storms in our cloud.

Shrunk to Scale

We pioneered the use of GPU processing for speech, so that you can achieve massive throughput, without having to open a new data centre. GPUs can run in ultra-dense configurations giving you all of the benefits of highly-accurate, cloud-like speech processing in a small hardware footprint, saving rack space, administration and cost

Poly what?

Traders speak fast. They speak in jargon. They speak in multiple languages in the same sentence. Fortunately, IV is a good listener. With almost 18 different languages and dialects in production, IV can cover most use cases, and we’re always happy to talk about building more. But one of our favourite features? You can train the system yourself. Using a few really simple techniques, you can greatly improve the system’s ability to pick out what is important to you: And you don’t need to come back to us to do it.

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