The IV Approach to Compliance

Use only the bits
you need

If you have a compliance review workflow in place for text and other media, you don’t want to have to have a complete shadow system in place, just to monitor voice.  But if you don’t, you want to have a framework in place that allows you to quickly implement the type of system you want.  IV works live and post-call with a number of review platforms out of the box to just plug straight in, or if you have a custom workflow, it allows you to quickly build your own compliance monitoring tool for your voice channel.

Avoid storms in
the cloud

Our deployment model allows you to control where your data is stored and processed.  IV can be installed on the edge, in your data centre, or in your private cloud.  Or if you want, we can introduce you to one of our trusted partners who are specialists in managing highly sensitive data for compliance monitoring use case.

Make it Quick

IV’s systems can process hundreds or thousands of streams live, or post-call, giving you access to real-time or next-day compliance monitoring, depending on what is important to you. By clever use of GPU technology, we can help you build a solution that is robust and scalable, without requiring a new data centre to run it.

Parlez Vous

In an increasingly global world, we cannot expect every conversation to take place in English, but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.  IV runs in 18 languages and dialects, and can even run in multiple languages and dialects simultaneously, allowing you to capture every nuance of what is said.  Even better, our in-built training tools allow you to modify the system to meet your use case, without ever needing to talk to us.

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