The IV approach to Contact Centres


Say no to Monoliths

Today, we do not expect to have to buy all of our system components from one vendor.  And yet, in the voice space, if you are looking for “speech analytics”, it seems like you do.  IV provides two platforms, one “Live” and one post-call that you can quickly interface with your voice pipeline to meet your use case, be it phrase or keyword spotting, intent matching or “plain old search”

Deploy it where you want to

With the shift towards cloud services, it is often easy to forget that privacy is still at the top of most companies’ agendas.  If I am recording sensitive healthcare data, can I really send a patient’s voice to be transcribed in the public cloud?  If I am creating a banking chatbot, do I really want a big cloud provider to know my customer’s bank balance?  We let you deploy on the edge, in your data centre, or in your own private AWS or Azure environment.

Quick Time

Processing costs make up a big part of many voice pipelines, especially if you are using a cloud service.  Because we pioneered the use of GPUs for speech processing, we can help you engineer a low-cost, highly-available environment to meet your needs, in the smallest possible hardware footprint.

Voices of the customer

You could be forgiven looking at other provider for thinking that English is the only language spoken in the world.  We support 18 languages and dialects, and we can work with you to build more.  We provide out-of-the-box training capabilities so you can build out your models without the need to involve us.  Even if you don’t know quite which language your customer might be using, IV can cope with that.

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