The IV approach to Contact Centres


Say no to Monoliths

Gone are the days of acquiring your speech analytics from one vendor. IV provides both “Real Time” and “Non Real Time” STT platforms that quickly interface with your existing voice pipeline & third party applications, enabling a range of applications: text analytics, NLP, Compliance monitoring, Fraud Detection or…just plain old search.

Award winning, Flexible and Secure

IV’s award winning* Call Analytics solutions leverage STT investment to provide demand mapping, customer journey, topic extraction and Sentiment scoring. Available either via our Smart Transcript, third party Applications or BI tools, however you access IV we haven’t forgotten that privacy is still at the top of most companies’ agendas.  If I am recording sensitive healthcare data, can I really send a patient’s voice to be transcribed in the public cloud? We let you deploy on the edge, in your data centre, or in your own private AWS or Azure environment.

*ADS Innovation Award 2020

Award trophy

Quick Time

Processing costs make up a big part of many voice pipelines, especially if you are using a cloud service.  Because we pioneered the use of GPUs for speech processing, we can help you engineer a low-cost, highly-available environment to meet your needs, in the smallest possible hardware footprint.

Voices of the customer

English isn’t the only language spoken in the world!

IV meets the needs of your industry & customers by supporting dictionary and language customizations that service multiple use cases across multiple languages and dialects. If we don’t have the language you need today then we will work with you to deliver that or enable you to build it yourself.

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